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Carpet Spot Removal

1. Use a cloth/paper towel preferably white in color, and some cold water in a bowl. 

2. Using a spray bottle, apply it to the stain only. Don't use too much water. Do not wipe or rub the stain it could spread. 

3. Using a dry white paper towel/cloth press down on the stain.

4. Repeat with a white cloth until less and less shows. Apply slight moisture and keep soaking it up with the dry cloth.

This method works best on a fresh stain or spot. A lot of the stain if not all can be removed using this method. Using the white area of the cloth or paper towel, will show you how much you are getting out. Rotate the cloth to a clean area to see it. A good extraction method for removing many spots.

If the stains have not been removed call us for a free quote we have everything needed to remove many types of stains.

Loose carpet fibers

When carpets have loose fibers, mainly from pets. These strands get longer if not trimmedmaking the problem worse over time. Use sharp scissors or a knife, carefully trim the fibers. This will keep them from getting caught and pulled out so easily. Some fibers can be pulled out all the way across the floor. When trimmed there is not as much there to get caught or pulled on.

Upholstery Spot removal 

Always try in a small hidden area to (make sure the water does not leave a discoloration. Wait for it to dry examine the area before you try it on the stain. There are many types of  upholstery it is best to be sure. This method is good for smaller new stains and spots.  

1. Use a white cloth or paper towel and cold clean water.

2. After getting the stain damp use a dry white cloth the see if

any is coming out. Press down on the stain to soak it up.

Don't spread the stain by rubbing it just apply pressure.

3. If the stain is dry apply a tiny bit of water to the stain only and press down 

with a dry white cloth. Only keep going if it is working.

4. Repeat step 2 until you stop seeing color on the cloth.

5. It may have to be done several times.

The white cloth will show how much is being removed.

That is why using a white cloth is important. 

If the stain is visible give us a call for a free quote. We are well equipped to remove stains.

Carpet & Upholstery Care and Maintenance:

Clean carpet and upholstery requires maintenance. A steam clean or deep clean once a year for light usage. At least twice a year with heavier usage. To remove the dirt and dust the vacuum is missing.

Washing off the dirt that sticks to the fibers. Vacuums only remove loose dirt. Vacuum a minimum of 2 times weekly, or more for carpet. Don't forget the stairs sometimes we recommend a smaller vacuum for the stairs. Vacuum at least once every 2 weeks for upholstery. Vacuuming gets the loose dirt and allergens that settle. Vacuuming will extend the life of your carpets and furniture. Choose a low pile carpet for heavy use and thicker pile for light usage. Choosing the right carpet is important. 

Rotate your furniture in all of the rooms if possible. To make sure one area of carpet is not getting 

too much wear, indentations or dirt in one area. 

 Interesting Carpet & Upholstery Information

It has been proven that carpets and furniture absorb dust, dirt and pollutants from the air you breath. They are filters that trap pollutants and allergens. They do more than add warmth and comfort. Without them you would be breathing in a lot more dust. They also absorb sound. Evenly spread dirt is from dust that settles. When carpets are cleaned regularly they can be a benefit to your home.

Synthetic carpets and upholstery are generally easier to clean. Natural materials are more absorbent.

Up to 6700 metric tons of dust falls from space every year, that is a lot. Our planet sheds a large amount of dust on it’s own, In urban areas there is more dust, from the lack of trees to absorb it. The city dust is mixed with car emissions. The particles of dust are so small they are invisible. This dust is steady and adds up to significant amounts. Now you know where all of that dirt comes from.​

Tips and Maintenance