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Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Attention to detail on all types of area rugs

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  Great area rug cleaning, no drop off or pick up fees, the cleaning is done in your home, safe to clean over all flooring. We do all types of rugs wool or synthetic, knowing how important an area rug can be and only use the best methods. Experience is crucial, there are many types of area rugs. A lot require individual methods, what works for one may not work for another. Your rugs will have brighter colours and feel softer after the cleaning. Fresh, clean and deodorized all in one appointment.

Our smart products remove stains without removing colours from area rugs. Rotate your area rugs once a year they can get too much wear and dirt if left in the same place for years. This tip  will  extend the life of your area rug. They absorb and trap dust from the air and improve air quality if cleaned regularly.​ Vacuum 2 times a week, steam clean or deep clean at least once a year. 

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